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AGM Minutes 2020

Minutes for the AGM attached below:

Minutes 10th Jan 2020 – Meeting started at 19.24

Attendees: Tom Rose, Jon Meredith, Will Greenwood, James Brightman, Ben Thwaites, Chris Meredith, Paul Meredith, Ed Feist, Jake Ralph, Stu Feist, Andy Crathern, Dan Scales, Phil Jack, Ray Westwood, Iain Wilson, Kevin Feakins

Apologies: Berwick Smith, Dennis Smith, Mark Wisden, Michael Chambers, Griff Morgan, Tom Powell, Alan Britt, George Crathern, Tom Crathern, Peter Winchester, Andy Williams, Jonne Tryphonus, Dan Clifford

ITEM 1 – Minutes from previous meetings approved

ITEM 2 – Chairman’s Update – Paul noted it was a transition season for the club but availability effected the club. Paul mentioned the net which we purchased which was well used across the season and improved numbers at training. Paul commented on overseas player Morgan who added to the club – We need to learn from the lessons from last year, Jon took a hit financially from last year. He thanked Berwick who gave him full time work and Jon who fathered him for the season. We had a chairman’s day which was successful, with many participants current and old and will look to replicate next year. The number of colts playing in the senior sides was a positive for the season – thanks to Phil for all his work with them. He thanked the committee for all their work across the season and mentioned Ray for continuing to volunteer for the club. He commented on the threats of having sufficient players available each week. We no longer have a junior section and this is a big threat to the club. Touching on the finances, he mentioned we need to be even more innovative in how we raise money for the club. It’s great we have sponsors but we can’t take these for granted so the club continues to progress. Lots of positives from last season and looking forward what we can achieve we can in 2020.

ITEM 3 – 3rd XI update – James Brightman update the room that the 3s got promoted as champions. Initially came into the season and believing it would be a tough year with both standard and availability. He thanked Phil for the 5 colts that played regularly across the season and were top achievers for the team. James announced he would be stepping down as captain but thanked everyone for his help. Paul went on record in thanking James for his work.

ITEM 4 – 2nd XI update – Will Greenwood commented that it was a tough season with the standard being strong and availability issues becoming tough. Will also mentioned the colts are always great performers for 2nd XI. He confirmed he would also be stepping down after 3 seasons. Will thanked Jon, Jake and James for making life so easy as a captain. Paul thanked Will for all his hard work for the club.

ITEM 5 – 1st XI update – Jon Meredith commented that it was a really tough year with the 1s being relegated. This was new for the 1st XI in recent years where we have been consistently winning. However, the standard was strong and availability in the 1s was as bad as it’s ever been in recent years. Jon felt we learnt a lot from the season and would hope that we are able to get promoted this year. We learnt a lot through having our first ever overseas player. Paul thanked Jon for his work for the year.

ITEM 6 – Treasurer update – Paul commented how mid-season Michael Chambers moved abroad and Ed Feist took on the role. Ed updated that the balance £5893.88 in Jan 19 in Jan 2020 £5087.93 slightly down from last year. The costs from last year have increased mainly due to purchasing the net and overseas player. Ed commented that it’s very important that we collect match fees with outstanding fees £450, which is unacceptable. Ed proposed a policy that anyone that owes over £40 that we give a playing ban to those players. It was commented that anyone who hasn’t paid their debts ahead of the season will not be able to play. Ed stressed the importance of the social events. We need to be tighter on the sponsorship chasing up the payments. It was agreed a subcommittee would be formed to take on Sponsorship for the upcoming season.

ITEM 7 – League update – Tom updated on the leagues and playing conditions. A change to the rules is around the 1st XI needing an umpire every week otherwise we are docked 2 points each game we don’t provide one. This is an important update as currently we don’t have any obvious candidates to umpire each week and this was a priority ahead of the season to sort.

ITEM 8 – Election of officers
Chairman – Paul Meredith
Secretary – Tom Rose
Treasurer – Ed Feist
3rd XI captain – Jake Ralph
2nd XI captain – Ben Thwaites
1st XI captain – Jon Meredith
Social Secretary – Chris Meredith
Committee Member – Stu Feist, Andy Crathern
Safeguarding Officer – TBC – attend a course. Pick up at first committee meeting

ITEM 9 – Nets – Nets are booked Tuesday 25th Feb every Tuesday for 5 weeks. Thursday 2nd April two week break then remaining 3 weeks on Thursdays. Summer net evenings TBC.

ITEM 10 – Lightening cats – We have entered a Sussex Slam T20 competition midweek. We are called the Little Common Lightening Cats – The purpose is to try and bring people back into the game. Good for the club to get guys practice and potentially recruit. Kits cost £25 for shirts, trousers and caps. 5 matches of teams local to us with the opportunity to play at Hove.

ITEM 11 – Overseas – The committee will look to get another overseas but review the deal for both Jon and the club.

ITEM 12 – Football club/Pavilion update – We don’t have the accounts for 2019 but the bank balance is almost identical to what the bank balance was a year ago. Dan Eldridge said that the football club should be playing back at the rec next year which will help the finances of the pavilion a lot.

ITEM 13 Social plans – Similar plans Lingfield races, 6 a side tournament, chairman’s day, poker night, euros, fantasy league. Will confirm social plans to all members.

3s Pitch – Artificial wicket getting pretty poor and needed replacing. Approach Nick Gurr to have a look at the pitch and committee (Andy Crathern) to look at various options.
Food after the games – Discussed and not sure it works for every game.
Subs – £30 annual subscription £10 match fees for adults £5 Juniors
Friendlies – Jon to try and arrange a friendly for the club. Tentatively recommend an intra club game aswell.
Roller – Will to have a look at sorting out the roller for the pre-season. Jon/Paul to arrange dates.

8.47 meeting finished.

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